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My name is Tom Salisbury and I would like to tell you a little bit about Salisbury Woodworking.


I have been building timberframe homes, creating and refinishing wood floors for the last thirty years. My love of the beauty of wood drives our business. Our thriving company includes the design and construction of timberframe homes. We are also now well into twenty years of the recycled wood business. I am particularly interested in ecologically useful materials and finishes. We are determined to make our buildings and our floors not only handsome and practical but ecologically smart and safe. Our reputation of customer satisfaction and service is something I am most proud of. We focus our energies on excellence at all levels, from design to craftsmanship. All of us at Salisbury Woodworking are pledged to be exceedingly responsive to our customers ideas and needs – whether you are a home owner, architect or contractor – from the beginning of a project through the last moments of it’s completion. We are also committed to exceptional quality and craftsmanship in virtually everything we produce. FLOORS: I have always felt that there is nothing like the warmth and character of natural wood. Over the years we have installed thousands of wood floors using every conceivable wood. They range from lovely old growth recycled fir plank, to ex-ceedingly intricate floors with inlays, patterns and textures. We also continuously research the most durable and safe finishes available. Please know that we are here to talk with you… we can advise, assist in the design and help you make the most practical and aesthetic decisions about your floors and your home… Just Call. TIMBER FRAME HOMES: It is my view that timber frames homes are beautiful, welcoming structures. In fact, I live in one I built myself. Our design department and joinery shop are state of the art – yet our craftsman often use tools and tech-niques developed in Japan centuries ago. We are fully staffed with experienced designers, engineers, and truly devoted craftsman to create these unique buildings. I, and my staff, with our expertise and years of experience, are here to assist you in not just the construction of your home but the design as well. In addition, we provide technical and engineerin support to architects and contractors. We can help you define what you want and then bring it to life. RECYCLED WOOD: Our world of resources is changing and we are all learning that old wood is not junk wood… quite the contrary. Recycled wood is an extraordinary resource for its beauty, it durability, and its inherent history. We are experts in finding and using old timbers and recycled woods of many kinds for both our floors and buildings. I personally love the fact that we can recycle, and not only is the product more practical, it makes our world a better (and more lovely) place to live. So, come and visit. Or call us. We are accessible. I am here as are my colleagues to help. I look forward to hearing from you….